Wee Macree

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Brand Messaging
Identity System
Website Design & Development
Art Direction
Social Content Creation
Custom Typography
Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Collateral Design
Logo, Iconography & Illustration

Brand awareness and buzz for a children’s apparel collective that gives back.


Wee Macree approached us with the idea for a children’s apparel collective that raises awareness for nonprofits by empowering children to build community around issues that impact kids worldwide. Slogans on the brand’s apparel would help kids spread the good inside themselves to make the world around them good, too. But what would those slogans be? Modular, ink. stepped in to create heartfelt and buzzworthy slogans for the t-shirt campaign.



The client wanted playful designs to appeal to the target audience of 3 – 8 year-olds (and their parents) so we drew the new logo mark by hand. And we created custom illustrations for use as branded elements on the shirts and across all brand materials.
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