Design discipline. Dream realization.

Collaborate with us.

Modular, ink. develops long-term partnerships with businesses that are going to market with innovative ideas and products. Our devotion to beauty and quality results in brands that last and campaigns that bring your vision to life.

how we work with you

Our process is strategic, flexible and fun.

The brands we create are not just attractive, we create purposeful design that is driven by strategy. Our brands are intentional in representing your business objectives.


We take a conversation-based deep dive into understanding your business, your challenges, your customers. You tell us your story and we listen attentively. We conclude by sharing strategic insights and opportunities with you.


Informed by learning from the discovery phase, we kick into creative mode, developing passionate, powerful and provocative solutions to your business needs. And you are a partner in the process, giving feedback at every essential step. Our creative approach begins with big ideas and follows through on all the details that matter. 


Once the creative strategies are approved, we move with you into implementation, producing the finished products you need. The goal is an ecosystem of communication that effectively represents your brand and your messaging. You can rely on our 20 years of experience to bring your projects to life professionally and beautifully. Plus,we have a trusted network of collaborators and specialists to call on when needed.

Joanna Holden


Los Angeles Energy. Texas Sincerity.

Creative director Joanna Holden offers clients a wonderful combination of fine art sensibility, design discipline, marketing intelligence, and innovative problem-solving. She listens carefully and collaborates openly with a balance of intensity and ease. A visual problem-solver, she’ll showcase your brand with conceptual flair, compelling design, and attention to detail.


As a graduate of the University of North Texas, a school renowned as a launchpad for creative careers, Joanna is classically trained in design. Immediately out of college she began work at Anderson Consulting and had a crash course in global re-branding as part of the team that completely transformed the corporate identity from Anderson to Accenture in only six months. 


After 10 years working in Dallas creative agencies, Joanna missed the rewards of working directly with clients. She founded Modular, ink. to engage personally with business owners and leaders to help them bring their visions to life through a creative process that is intuitive, personalized and fun for the client. 


Her work is inspired by a decade of living and working in Los Angeles, where architecture, fashion, and visual design are at the forefront and the influence of the motion picture industry ripples through all aspects of business and life. That L.A. energy is evident in her design work, her direction of video and photography, and her ability to tell a compelling brand story.


Joanna has recently returned to Texas to raise her family and join the thriving creative community in Austin.